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Language All Languages 2 English 2. Its about time on-line dating sites were regulated, and under scrutiny, as there appears to be no such legislation and this company, known as Freedating seems to operate, in my experience, frreedating a totally unacceptable manner. I only joined a few days back, for a few days, and what follows is my personal experience. I created a dedicated email address for this site, as I was unsure of who the owners were, and how they managed messages and members.

Within a day or so I was receiving spam, and freedating co uk review kauhajoki for sexual sites! I thought I had joined a 'dating site', but when emails began to arrive from, 'Claudia' and 'Ebony' and 'Joy' I realised my email address, only used for Freedating. Next, when I was messaging, I wanted to kxuhajoki to a person who did not have a photo on the site.

Too many sexually explicit messages and content. So, trying to swap contact details, suddenly my account froze and there was no reason, no contact from the site and no warnings frwedating all. I logged out and logged back in, and it was still frozen. Then I logged in 12 hours later and ''Account Suspended''! Its obvious that this site is monitored, and all my message were being read!

This should be stated in the sign-up agreement, as people, wrongly, believe messages are encrypted. And what really annoys me, is I was barred for just exchanging an email address, to chat and meet someone, but the site obviously interferes with dates, to keep members with them, to bolster numbers, freeedating satisfy themselves! There can be not other reason and how on freedatig can people safely meet, if they are reviee allowed to swap phone numbers or email addresses etc?

Yet, this site allows the sexual pests who approach members, and eaves drops and then bar decent individuals, norjalainen gay dating kangasala they want to leave the site and actually DATE, uo not before 'dealing' in sign-up email addresses to pass on or sell to other dodgy sites! Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I agree with the negative reviews for this site.

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Contact the Webmaster

You constantly get bombarded by women from Ghana pretending to be in the UK and all scrounging for money. I now have a very enlightened view of the people of the lo life people of Ghana! I have contacted the Site admin about the issue and they can't even be bothered to acknowledge my email, let alone do something about the issue.

Also as a paying member I am being limited in the number of searches that I carry out, Again having tried to contact the site administrators, they can't be bothered to acknowledge my email. This site is a scam and the site administrators are clearly a part of that scam and are deliberately running a site to defraud people. It's about time the authorities investigated these sort of sites and prosecuted the cheating liars that own them.

Where can you start The site is clearly run by scammers. I joined to see if the site was a little more genuine than some others, but until you join and pay its not possible to know. So let me tell you, there are so many fake profiles, I was getting contacts from much younger women in places hundreds of miles away, either typing from a script as their answers seldom match the question asked, or trying to divert you to another site which will ask for credit card details.

As for the matchfinder service, its a joke, must be done at random, as many of the members are not even using the site any longer. There are a handful of genuine members I am sure, and I did speak to a few, but they freedating co uk review kauhajoki match what I was looking for, I am still chatting to one by freedating co uk review kauhajoki mail privately, but until I meet her I am still not convinced she is real!!

If you want to check out the site then risk your £ Here is a handy tip, if she looks too good to be true, freedating co uk review kauhajoki is, if you wouldn't go near her with a bargepole, then she is probably genuine Remember to cancel the monthly payment though, as the site will continue to take your money. What a load of crap. Don't waste your money or time. It's outdated, most " matches" haven't even been on the site in past 6 months and those that are tend to think we are either: We're not - mature datingUk is a scam.

My partner left me when somebody showed him profile with my photos on this site. Unfortunately for me it was a fake profile which ruined my life These bastards stole my photos from my old profile which I freedating co uk review kauhajoki 7 years ago. A good meta description acts as an organic advertisement, so use dating jousimies mies ylivieska messaging with a clear call to action to maximize click-through rate.

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